Welcome To Sorority Wars!

Live the fabulous life. Fabulous fashion. Fabulous parties. Fabulous Friends.

Sorority Wars lets you be a fashionista and live the glamorous life of a sorority sister! In this free online game, you can hit the mall for the latest fashions and create the perfect look for your avatar. Indulge in your fashion obsession with designer clothes, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and other accessories! Then light up the runway as you strut your stuff down the catwalk. When you're dressed and ready to go, hit the city to socialize with your friends in a never-ending array of social events!

Of course, you'll need to work to keep your wallet full for your shopping sprees. Work as a barista at the campus's local coffee shop and work your way up to become an admissions office clerk or a lab technician. You'll also pursue your academic goals — choose to major in psychology, pre-med, business or art! Each major has its benefits, so you decide! Being a sorority sister is a lot of work! Need some R&R? Hit up the spa!